Saturday, 8 January 2011

Another Blog Award!

Many thanks to Cockney Blonde (Alison) for the award she left me on her blog - much appreciated! I am able to pass this on to four other people = this blog award comes with a $5 Gift Certificate! In order to qualify for the $5.00 Digi's With Attitude! Gift Certificate you need to state 3 things that make you different from everyone else and you must nominate 5 blogs, then let those 5 blogs know you nominated them. Lastly, you must display the Blog Award Badge (above) in your sidebar and link it back to the Digi's With Attitude! Challenge Blog. For all the details please visit THIS LINK
Note: If someone got this LAST year, they are again eligible for the Gift Certificate again as it is one Gift Certificate per person, per blog, per year. So here are my 3 things that make me different from everyone else:
1. I never drink tea (can't stand the stuff!)
2. I enjoy ironing and dusting (!)
3. I like cold weather (though not snow!!)

I'd like the pass the award on to the following people:

1. Caz
5. Yone


  1. Thanks very much for this lovely award!

    Here's to another year of blogging fun!

    Sharon x

  2. Thank you Helen! I never had an award before! I feel like a real crafter now! Lol!
    Love Kate xx

  3. Thank you Helen for this lovely award !
    I wish you a great year full of crafts & cards ! Hugs, Yone


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Helen x


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